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  • 30 percent off RTU upgrades
    The new DPS Telecom RTU upgrade program allows you to receive a 30% credit toward a new RTU purchase by sending your old RTU back to DPS...
  • Electronic Door Control Made Easier
    While the Building Access System delivered high value to our client base, we did hear from some people that they needed a higher-density solution. At sites like office buildings with lots of doors and not much equipment to monitor, it didn't make sense to deploy full-scale RTUs. The Building Access 32 is a new LAN-based box that we built to solve this problem. It supports electronic access for up to 32 doors without any external boxes (ECUs) or NetGuardian RTUs, so you can monitor even the densest sites without breaking your budget. A single T/Mon master can handle hundreds of BAC 32 units, allowing you to monitor hundreds and hundreds of doors, so you can secure even a very...
  • Securely Forward Alarms to Your SNMPv3 Manager with this New T/Mon Software Module...
    Seeing an unanswered client need, the DPS Engineering Team developed the new "SNMPv3 Responder" T/Mon software module. It fully supports all SNMPv3 trap security standards, and it's very simple to set up. In fact, the only change that users of the v1 module will see is a new menu of SNMPv3 security options. SNMPv2c forwarding is also supported by this new module.
  • T/Mon BAS: Centralized Building Access Control in 1 RU
    T/Mon BAS (Building Access System) gives you centralized, electronic control over your doors. T/Mon BAS is a variant of the T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring System. While a standard T/Mon manages both door access and alarms from network equipment, T/Mon BAS is focused purely on...
  • Building Access 32 (BACTL)
    The Building Access 32 interfaces to your door access controller, proxy card readers, and T/Mon Alarm Master. While a variety of NetGuardian RTUs can also handle this function, the Building Access 32 is ideal for high-density scenarios where you have a lot of doors to control and monitor...

Latest DPS Headlines

  • TKP: Setup Your NetGuardian as a PPP Server
    This TKP will show you how to setup your NetGuardian as a PPP server, allowing you to dial in to the NetGuardian (over a phone line) and browse the network that the NetGuardian is connected to or even access the Internet as if you had a standard dialup connection.
  • TempDefender Applications
    The TempDefender is capable of reporting discrete and analog threshold alarms a number of ways, keeping you in the loop.
  • TempDefender Ordering Options
    View the options you can add to your TempDefender IT for server room, server closet, and data center monitoring of temperature and other critical information.
  • KNPC uses TMon to consolidate monitoring for Microwave, Tetra radio, and SDH systems
    Kuwait National Petroleum Company is a state-owned refiner and distributor of petroleum products. It controls three refineries at a capacity of 410,000 barrels of oil per day. "We have a Microwave system with its own monitoring system; we have a SDH system with its own monitoring system; and a TETRA radio system that also has its own monitoring system. So I'm thinking now we can consolidate all of these with T/Mon."
  • Smart Grids require increased automation, monitoring
    Remote telemetry units collect and report data about power sites back to control centers. They monitor voltages, environmental data, and other conditions, letting the grid and supervisors know how their sites are doing and what they can do to optimize the grid...

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