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Product information and white papers for DPS Telecom remote monitoring and control equipment solutions. Serving telecom, utility, transportation and other companies with large distributed equipment networks. We offer a unique combination of master alarm management system and remote telemetry units (RTUs) that provide end-to-end, single-vendor network monitoring. At DPS Telecom, selecting the right telemetry system is not just about selling off-the-shelf product into your network. We specialize in custom supervisory control and data acquisition solutions.

We are not a vendor that expects you to use a unit designed for somebody else with capacity you don't need and features you don't want. Our engineers have the design experience required to make sure your DPS Telecom remote telemetry units are a perfect fit for you. An unmatched and continuously expanding selection of proven intelligent telemetry units collect environmental information and events at remote locations for presentation at central network operating centers.

Quality network management starts with intelligent telemetry units collecting environmental and equipment information at remote locations and Power Distribution Units. Intelligent remotes, like the DPS Telecom NetGuardian surveillance and control unit, include web-enabled configuration and management interfaces. You do not need to develop and/or download scripts or programs in order for the units to effectively collect telemetry out of the box.

The remote monitoring and control data is transported to central locations (think operating center) where events are presented for effective management and control decisions. Information transport can involve a wide-variety of options including traditional serial data channels and more contemporary network infrastructure.

Professional telemetry management systems, like the DPS Telecom T/Mon Master should be more than just recycled IT network management tools. The presentation of telemetry data should also be more than just fancy graphics with detailed information eight layers deep. Information should also be available for efficient day-to-day operations with details quickly accessible for 24/7/365 event management and control.

As a trusted provider of monitoring and control solutions for over 27 years, DPS Telecom will help you design a reliable system for collecting and managing alarm and control information.

NetGuardian RTUs that offer Fiber Support

NetGuardian RTUs that feature fiber options include the NetGuardian 216F.

Many other RTUs can support fiber if you need it. Take a minute to do a site survey. Call us if you need some guidance. Once you know how many inputs/outputs you need, we'll help you specify the exact fiber-based RTU you need.


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