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If you've got a network monitoring problem, DPS Telecom can help. We build customized network reliability solutions made to your specifications, backed by the best client support in the industry and a no-risk, money-back guarantee.

Network Reliability Solutions Custom Engineered to Your Specifications

DPS Telecom was founded by engineers to meet the needs of engineers and technical managers who implement network alarm management systems in enterprise networks. Our company is built on an engineering philosophy of rapid, customized design of perfect fit solutions built to your exact specifications.

We build every part of our products ourselves, and we're not dependent on outside vendors for any phase of design or manufacture
Our successful strategy of vertical integration allows us to be flexible to your needs. From start to finish we work with you to design and manufacture a perfect fit alarm monitoring solution.

Custom Design - Proven Technology

DPS custom solutions are built on technology that has proved itself in thousands of successful implementations. We build custom products through modular hardware and software, structured development and systematic testing, including NEBS compliance testing in our own lab. When major long-distance carriers, RBOCs, ILECs/CLECs, utilities, transportation companies, and Fortune 500 companies need custom network reliability solutions, they turn to DPS Telecom.

Every Product is Built to Order Fast

Every network monitoring product we sell is built to order, with the specifications, alarm capacity, and features that best meet your needs. Our complete automated manufacturing facility ensures fast delivery for even the tightest deployment schedule. From design concept to final manufacture, we control every aspect of production in-house.

No NRE Fees - Innovation At No Extra Charge

You don't have to pay extra to get a custom monitoring solution built to your specifications. Not everyone has an "off-the-shelf" problem. 80% of most clients needs are covered with products that we've already deployed in networks around the world, but we specialize in developing that last 20% to make it a perfect fit. If your solution requires custom engineering, as long as you order a minimum number of units, we don't charge NRE fees.

You Come First

At DPS Telecom, we see ourselves as your partner in securing your network. We will never leave you with a monitoring problem unsolved. We will always put your needs first. We back that philosophy up with 24-hour tech support - which our clients rate the best in the industry - installation assistance, off-site databasing, the T/Mon Users Group, Factory Training, and comprehensive maintenance agreements.

Money-Back Guarantee on All DPS Telecom Products

Every DPS Telecom product is backed by our 30-Day, No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee: "If you buy our equipment and are not satisfied for any reason during the first 30 days, simply return it for a full refund."

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