Site Dialer For T/Mon

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Site Dialer for T/Mon

The DPS Site Dialer for T/Mon adds voice notifications "on the fly" for your T/Mon LNX alarm master.
Listen to Voice Sample - T/Mon Site Dialer:
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Voice Notification to Your Cell or Home Phone
When combined with the T/Mon LNX, the DPS Site Dialer delivers another critical method of receiving alarm notifications. This application allows you to receive these voice alerts for the alarm points you already have databased in T/Mon LNX. You can assign voice notifications for a few specific alarm points, or for a range of points for an entire site.

T/Mon LNX and SiteDialer example

Maximize Your T/Mon LNX with the Site Dialer. Here's how it works:

  1. Notifies users via T/Mon paging queue by controlling Site Dialer via TCP
  2. Creates voice message and sends it to Site Dialer via HTTP post
  3. Dials home phone or cell and plays message
  4. User hears message and acknowledges it via DTMF input
  5. User's initials are recorded to master's history and escalation stops

For information on using the SiteDialer with T/Mon NOC, click here.

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