How You Can Monitor Your Small Sites Without Overspending On Unneeded Alarm Capacity

If you think monitoring small sites is an unnecessary expense, the NetGuardian 216 will change your mind ...

Are you monitoring your small sites? Do you think you can't afford to? The light- capacity NetGuardian 216 for SNMP, TL1, and DCP makes it possible to install network monitoring anywhere in your network, without spending a fortune on alarm capacity you don't need.

Don't let your small sites become network blind spots

Some network managers don't monitor small sites like remote huts, collocation racks or enclosed cabinets. Some don't even monitor large sites if they have fewer than 32 alarm points.

But not monitoring your small sites is a major mistake. Problems can happen anywhere. Every blind spot in your network visibility, no matter how small, is a place where you won't know about problems until equipment finally fails.

Think about your smaller sites and ask yourself: Can I afford serious damage to this equipment? Will my network stay up if this site shuts down?

NetGuardian 216: cost-effective network monitoring for small sites

So why do network managers run the risks of not monitoring their smaller sites? Because they think they can't monitor small numbers of alarms cost-effectively.

They think that network monitoring always means high capacity RTUs, dedicated lines, and man-hours spent on configuration and databasing.

The NetGuardian 216 makes that kind of thinking obsolete. With 16 discretes, 2 analogs, 2 controls and 1 reach-through port , the NetGuardian 216 is exactly the right capacity for your small sites. You get the alarm capability you need without spending a fortune on alarm capacity you won't use.

Light-capacity monitoring without compromises

Light capacity doesn't mean light on features or on quality. The NetGuardian 216 is a scaled-down version of our popular NetGuardian 832A, and includes features you'd usually find only on complex, high capacity remotes.

  • Support for SNMP, TL1, and DCP(f/x): The NetGuardian 216 reports alarms to any SNMP manager, TL1 master, or the TMon/IAM remote alarm monitoring System
  • Reach-through serial port: The NetGuardian 216 acts as a one-port terminal server, giving you convenient LAN access to a switch, router, PBX, or other equipment.
  • Four-threshold analog monitoring: The NetGuardian 216's analog inputs feature four separate thresholds for each analog channel (major over, minor over, minor under, and major under), giving you the best visibility of battery levels, temperature, humidity, and other variables.
  • Real-time clock: Synchronized to Internet Time Protocol, the NetGuardian 216's internal clock ensures accurate date/time stamping of alarms and SNMP traps.

Easy installation anywhere in your network

The NetGuardian is easy to install and configure, making it simple to add network monitoring capability anywhere in your network:

  • Ethernet connectivity: The NetGuardian 216's plug-and-play installation puts alarm visibility anywhere your LAN goes.
  • Included Windows configuration software: Turning up the NetGuardian 216 is simple and quick, and you can use the same utility for monitoring, communication diagnostics, and loading new firmware.
  • Dual -48 VDC power inputs or optional 110 VAC commercial power: The NetGuardian 216 is equally suited for telco equipment rooms or ordinary offices.
  • Wall or rack mount: The NetGuardian 216 can be placed in 19" or 23" racks, or to save space you can just hang on the wall. And, because of its compact, 8-inch-wide form factor, you can even mount two NG 216s side-by-side in just one rack unit.

Lifetime support, free upgrades, and money-back guarantee

You're not taking any risks when you purchase a NetGuardian 216. Your unit is fully backed by DPS Telecom support, including:

  • 24 hour tech support
  • 2 year hardware warranty
  • Free lifetime firmware upgrades
  • 30-day, no-risk, money-back guarantee: If you buy a NetGuardian 216 and you're dissatisfied for any reason during the first 30 days, just return it for a full refund.

Get full specifications and applications for the NetGuardian 216

Get all the details about the NetGuardian 216 and learn all the ways you can use the NetGuardian 216 to securely manage your small remote sites. Visit the NetGuardian 216 product data page at:

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