Simultaneous Local And Regional Monitoring

Local and Regional Monitoring

  • Large networks need two types of visibility
    Networks that span a large area need two kinds of network visibility. Managers responsible for the whole network need regional, big-picture visibility. Local area technicians need visibility of just their portion of the network that filters out alarms from sites outside their area.
  • Alarm filtering reduces nuisance alarms
    Without alarm filtering, local personnel are likely to miss important network management data. Filtering helps local technicians more effectively monitor, maintain, and repair the equipment at the sites they are responsible for.

Simultaneous Local and Regional Monitoring

  • Alarm filtering highlights your most important alarms
    By applying alarm filtering, technicians won't have to sort through an entire network's database of information. They will have immediate access to the health of their own local network.
  • Regional monitoring saves time and money
    This delegation of network management data saves time and money by making sure that the proper personnel use the appropriate information.

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