Strategic Sparing Of Telemetry Gear

The need for a strategic "Sparing" plan

Your company has a substantial investment in its critical monitoring infrastructure that allows them to be proactive with their network management. But like the equipment that it monitors, should be quickly replaceable in case of failure. Going the RMA route just isn't an option because your monitoring system down time needs to be measured in minutes, not days. you is faced with a number of choices as to the best way of maintaining its monitoring assets.

Keeping on site spares is a prudent decision

Having monitoring equipment in your spare depot is a long time industry best practice. First and foremost if puts you in direct control of bringing the site back up as you don't have to wait for vendors, manufactures or support companies to perform any specific duties. Simply, have your technical team grab a spare and head out to the site. Fix it fast, and then request an RMA. The advantage of local sparing is that it gives you additional insurance that you will be able to spare your network with the same type of units it was initially deployed with. In the case of RTU's, the added benefit is that this stock can also serve as "emergency growth stock" and nominal sparing recommendations are 10%.

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