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Find single-platform solutions for managing and displaying incoming alarms, even from legacy gear no one else can support. See LAN, Fiber, camera, wireless, and auto-dialer RTUs here... Avoid an expensive forklift swapout and say goodbye to compatibility issues with a flexible, multi-protocol alarm master...

Find RTU expansion units that are easy to daisy-chain... The right discrete and analog sensors let you to keep an eye on changing environmental conditions 24 / 7... Set your own access rights by employee, time of day, day of the week, and more with unique user profiles...


Here you'll find accessories that deliver custom voice alerts, show you who is on-site, and test your equipment... Get a peek at our R&D Labs to see what technology "building blocks" our engineers can quickly incorporate your custom product. Send an online message to the DPS Engineers to get started! Find information on Factory Training events, turnup and installation assistance, free technical support, maintenance agreements, and much more!
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