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DPS Site Dialer with Alarm ShoutTM technology

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New! DPS Site Dialer
The DPS Site Dialer, featuring Alarm ShoutTM technology, calls up to 8 contacts with your custom voice alerts when important alarm conditions occur.
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The DPS Site Dialer is the newest accessory to the popular line of NetGuardian RTUs. Receiving and acknowledging alarm notifications from the field is easy with custom voice alerts. The Site Dialer is supported by all your NetGuardian 832A and 864A remotes.

When an alarm is triggered, the DPS Site Dialer calls up to 8 phone numbers in your call lists with the site name, alarm status, timestamp, and more. You'll use the custom voice wizard in MyDPS to create your text-to speech alarm notifications, or upload your own .WAV files.

Designed exclusively for all your NetGuardian 832A and 864A remotes...

  • Enables your NetGuardian 832A / 864A to dial out and tell you of alarms
  • Calls your home phone or cell using standard POTS line
  • Allows you to DTMF acknowledge alarm anywhere, right from your phone
  • Accepts TCP commands from other devices to send out voice alerts
  • Up to 255 alarm points can databased with custom voice alerts
  • Alarm Shout technologyTM - Use the DPS online text-to-speech tool or upload your own .WAV files
  • Notifies up to 8 people in 4 call lists per alarm point
  • Supports all NetGuardian 832A and 864A platforms - No firmware changes needed
  • Also supports SNMPv1 and sends email notifications
  • "Scheduling" feature lets you choose the exact day / time you want to receive alerts
  • Alarm escalation and your priority settings mean the right people get the most critical alerts first
  • Great for poor paging coverage areas

See the Auto-Dialer RTU from DPS Telecom - The NetGuardian LT

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