DCM At Manufacturing End-of-Life

At DPS, we're constantly working to improve the alarm monitoring technology options we offer. To accomplish that mission, we must sometimes end our manufacturing of certain products.

The DCM (Discrete Control Module) has reached its manufacturing end-of-life (NOTE: all current DCM deployments are still fully covered by tech support). Since the DCM proved to be so useful during its lifetime, we've already developed 2 modern alternatives that will perform very similar functions with contemporary enhancements. Here are 2 alarm remotes that combine high (16+) control relay capacity with modern functions like voice alerts and SNMP reporting:

NetGuardian Voice 16
The NetGuardian Voice 16 is a newer option that's excellent if you liked the DCM for its large control relay capacity (16 controls). The NetGuardian Voice 16 has 16 discrete inputs and 18 control relays (optional). It also includes dial-out voice alerts of incoming alarms, very similar to those on the smaller NetGuardian LT (Watch & Listen to video voice demo). View Product Page...

NetGuardian Voice 16