NetGuardian 480: Dense Alarm Coverage In A Single-box Solution

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NetGuardian 480
Save valuable rack space without sacrificing alarm capacity: The NetGuardian 480 has 80 discrete point inputs, 4 control relays, and an optional D-Wire input supporting up to 16 analog sensors.

The NetGuardian 480 RTU maximizes discrete alarm coverage in a single rack unit, providing 80 alarm points. The unit's dense discrete coverage saves you the cost and trouble of installing multiple lower-capacity RTUs at sites with a lot of alarms to capture.

The unit also comes standard with 4 form C control relays and a serial port, both of which provide remote control and access to your remote sites. You can operate controls through the web interface and use the unit's serial port to reach-through into serial-only equipment onsite.

You can also customize your NetGuardian 480 with a D-Wire sensor port and internal temperature sensor. The D-Wire port allows you to connect up to 16 analog sensors (in series) to your NetGuardian. D-Wire sensors are all powered by the NetGuardian as well, allowing you to extend a chain of sensors up to 600 feet from your RTU.

The NetGuardian's web interface makes provisioning your RTU and monitoring alarms quick and easy. You can operate control relays, configure your NetGuardian to send SNMP traps to multiple alarm masters, and setup email notifications from alarms, all from any computer on your network.

Benefits of the NetGuardian 480 G4

  • High-capacity Discrete alarm points - 80.
  • 16 ping targets.
  • 4 (Form C) control relays.
  • Notifications via email or SNMP.
  • Support for 16 D-Wire sensors.
  • Fast and easy-to-use web interface.
  • Dual -48 VDC power inputs (for improved reliability).
  • Rack or wall mounted.

The NetGuardian 480 provides the discrete capacity to handle almost any site, without sacrificing control relays to fully manage your remote locations.

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