Mediate TABS To SNMP

Many companies utilize legacy equipment in their networks, such as TABS protocol, which stands for telemetry Asynchronous Block Serial protocol.

While your legacy equipment may still work, it can be difficult to find new equipment that uses the same legacy protocols as your pre-existing equipment. If your devices can not communicate with one another properly, then your system is useless.

Mediate TABS to SNMP
Protocol mediation allows TABS site equipment to communicate with SNMP managers by translating TABS to SNMP through an RTU.

Translate TABS Alarms Into SNMP at Your Remote Sites

The solution is Protocol mediation, which is a very simple concept. On-site equipment reporting in TABS protocol is connected via serial interface to an SNMP remote. The alarm data is translated on-site to SNMP alarm messages (traps) by the remote or RTU and forwarded via LAN to an SNMP manager. The RTU functions as a translator between the legacy equipment and the SNMP manager, allowing them to communicate.

The same SNMP remote also has standard equipment monitoring and environmental alarms. Combining many monitoring operations in a single unit, a multifunctional remote is a practical and cost-effective monitoring solution for an entire site.

Unfortunately, not all remotes are SNMP compatible, and those that are may only be compatible with one version of SNMP. Choosing an RTU that has multi-protocol capabilities is the key.

Protocol mediation allows you to continue to use valuable, functioning legacy equipment in an SNMP monitoring solution. This allows the company to replace equipment a few pieces at a time, rather than having to replace the entire network, drastically reducing costs.