Modem Configuration

The following table allows you to properly configure the modem on your PC running T/Config (T/Alpha, T/Dpm) software. Once the appropriate modem initialization has been loaded, you will be able to communicate with the internal modems of your DPS dialup alarm collection devices.

Modem Model Initialization String
AlphaMax Factory Default AT S7=120 E1 V1 M1 Q0 X4
A.T.&T. Paradyne PCMCIA 3760/62/63/64 AT V1 X4 Q0 SR41=3\Q0\N1
Best Data Products, Inc. Model 9624FQ AT E1 V1 L3 M1 Q0 S7=120 X4 &Q0 &D &C
Compaq 14.4 laptop AT S7=120 E1 V1 M1 Q0 X4\N1% C0\Q0
Hayes Accura, Model 5300 AM
(Second LED on panel labeled "AA")
AT S7 =120 E1 V1 M1 Q0 X4 & Q0 or AT&Q0
Hayes Accura, Model 5611 US
(Second LED on panel labeled "RI")
Intel 14/14E ATB5S7=120E1V1Q0X4\G\V\N%C-J
Intel Satisfaction (400 and 400E) ATS7=120E1V1M1QX4\N\Q%C0%E-J&Q
Megahertz PCMCIA CC3144 AT&F &C1 &D2 &Q &K &S1 W2 S95=\N%C\GF4
Paradigm 14400 ATS7=120E1\G1%B1200%C0\N1
US Robotics Sportster 14400 ATS7=120E1V1M0Q0X4&A0&H0&M0&N2