Correction To The NetGuardian 832A/864A G5 User Manual

Section 6.6.7 - Analog Dipswitches

Please read this addendum to the NetGuardian G5 User Manual before changing the default factory settings of the analog dipswitches. Download the PDF version of this one-page correction. You can also download the latest version of the complete NetGuardian G5 manual that includes this update.
Dipswitch addendum 1

The analogs are controlled by the dipswitches accessible via the top sliding panel. For milliamp sensor operation (current loop), turn the dipswitch on by placing it in the up (ON) position. For voltage operation, place the dipswitch in the down (OFF) position.

Dipswitch addendum 2
You can access the analog dipswitches via the sliding hatch panel on top of the unit.
WARNING: Do not put the dipswitches in the upward, ON position (current loop mode) unless you are sure of the analog setting. Having the dipswitch on puts a 250 ohm resistor across the input lines. Any voltage beyond 5V or 20 mA will damage components.

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