Hear A Sample Voice Alarm - On Your Own Phone

Voice alarm from DPS alarm monitoring gear

Reading about alarm monitoring gear is nice, but hearing a real voice alarm message - on your very own phone - removes the guesswork.

This is you chance to hear a sample voice message - just like one you can receive from our voice capable RTUS: the NetGuardian LT, the NetGuardian Voice 16, or the NetGuardian SiteDialer (when tied to a NetGuardian 832A/864A G5).

After you listen to this 30-second sample voice message on your phone, you'll know that:

  • The voice clarity from DPS monitoring equipment is very high.
  • Your phone can play voice alerts with high quality.
  • You can schedule specific alarms for your phone at specific times.

Enter your phone number below to send a sample voice alarm message to your phone.

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