NOVA - The Network Outage Vulnerability Assessment

  1. Have you identified and monitored every potential service failure cause in your network?
  2. Do you have a separate system for your network alarm monitoring? (In other words, you don't rely on alarm points embedded in your transport)
  3. Is all of your equipment redundant?
  4. Do you have a sparing plan - or any spares at all?
  5. Do you really control access to your sites?
  6. Do you know when you are running on batteries or generator?
  7. Do you regularly test your power backup systems?
  8. Do you have redundant power backup systems? (batteries, generators, etc.)
  9. Are you watching your environmentals? (temperature, water, humidity, fire, etc)
  10. Do you have sensors monitoring the detailed status of your backup equipment?
  11. Do you have backup power for your HVAC systems?
  12. Are you equipped for disasters common to your region (e.g. earthquakes, tornadoes, lightning, etc.)?
  13. Do you know your critical alarm response time? (from time of event until dispatch) Is it acceptable?
  14. How long does it take to get to your sites?
  15. To your furthest site?
  16. Is that factored into your plan?
  17. Do your NOC technicians know what to do when an alarm occurs?
  18. Does your staff have adequate training to carry out their jobs during an outage?
  19. Do you have a disaster recovery plan?
  20. Do you practice exercising your backup and recovery plan so that your staff is trained and ready? - or is it just a written plan that no one has any idea how to execute?
  21. Do your vendors have 24 hour support?
  22. Can you see the state of your network on one screen?
  23. Do you have a geo-diverse monitoring strategy?
  24. Do you have a way of confirming alarms?
  25. Do you use other networks in addition to your own to bring back your alarms?
  26. Do your alarm collection devices report data over multiple paths?