Avoid Huge Licensing Fees For Telemetry

Licensing costs are killing your OP-X budget

You have a monitoring system that is just too expensive to operate on a year-to-year basis. Sure, you spent a bunch of CAP-X budget to get it in, but the impact of the licensing is having a more dramatic effect then you expected. There are two types of licensing that can be problematic on a budget. The first is one that charges you per each instance of devices. As your network grows, these costs don't grow just once, but every year. The second type of costly licensing is when you have to pay for each device type you wish to monitor. The counts aren't usually so bad on these, but the prices associated with each device type can be huge. You need to find a way to control costs and get a predictable solution.

DPS one-time technology licensing is a breath of fresh air

  • The DPS licensing model is very simple:
    You purchase a technology module for T/Mon (ex. ASCII, SNMP, TABS, MODBUS, NEC, BADGER, DATALOK...). There are no additional charges for monitoring additional devices of that type. You can freely add devices (up to the physical / logical capacity of the protocol & T/Mon). Modules like the DCP family and PING are included with the base software, so there is no additional module cost associated with them.
  • Once you have any module, you get to use the module.
    It's that simple. The net effect is your OP-X costs don't grow as a result of network growth.