Report To Your Alcatel TSM-8000 With T/Mon

Report to Your Alcatel TSM-8000 with T/Mon
Report to Your Alcatel TSM-8000 with T/Mon
Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:
The TL1 alarm forwarding module will reside on your current T/Mon NOC and will allow you to forward selected alarms to your Alcatel TSM8000 alarm management system. This will allow you to have complete visibility of the microwave alarms just as you do now, but you'll gain the added advantage of 24 x 7 coverage of your beacon alarms through the TransCanada network operations center.

Please note that this module can report alarms over a serial or TCP connection, also there will be some databasing required in the T/Mon NOC to properly configure the TL1 output. Once on order, this module can ship in less than a week.