Tell Me: What Does "just Right" Monitoring Mean For You?

Mac Custom Request

At DPS, we specialize in adjusting our hardware and software to handle new or unique projects. For most of our clients, 90% of a project is off-the-shelf. This means we can customize the last 10% in a matter of weeks or months to create a "perfect-fit" solution without ridiculous wait times. Today, I want to know:

What do you need your monitoring gear to do?

  • Is it special software or processing functionality?
  • The ability to send/receive a specialized protocol?
  • Compatibility with something unusual?
  • A particular transport (T1, fiber, cellular, etc.)?
  • A change in physical form factor?

Watch this video documentary about DPS custom engineering, then use the form below:

Use this fast online form to tell me what you need in a remote monitoring/control device. You can combine pieces you've seen before in other products, add a new "imagined feature" to an existing product, or simply ask for something completely new that would make your job easier...

Mac, what I really need for remote monitoring/control is:

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