Select a Remote Monitor for Small, Medium, and Large Sites

Find the right remote monitor for your small, medium, and large sites ...

Select an option below to find the right capacity remote monitor:

Advanced Telemetry System product details NetGuardian 832A product details NetGuardian 216 product details
Advanced Telemetry System - Large remote monitor
Advanced Telemetry System
Large remote monitor

NetGuardian 832A - Medium remote monitor
NetGuardian 832A
Medium remote monitor

NetGuardian 216 - Small remote monitor
NetGuardian 216
Small remote monitor

Plus remote monitor expansion options, multiprotocol support, and extra features to meet any needs ...

Extra features: LAN, serial or dial-up connectivity, alternate back-up path reporting, terminal server functionality, stand-alone Web browser access, built-in paging, and more Multiprotocol support: SNMP, TL1, E2A, TBOS, plus remote site protocol mediation options High-capacity expansion options: modular systems for monitoring up to 5,664 discrete alarm points

Choose from a broad selection of remote monitors for small, medium, and large sites ...

Remote Monitors for small sites Remote monitors for medium sites Remote monitors for large sites

View and acknowledge alarms on your remote monitor ... no master needed

  • Web browser interface: Access your remote telemetry unit from any computer at any location. You don't need a master to view and acknowledge alarms, and everyone knows how to use a web browser without specialized training
  • Pager alarm notifications: Pager alarm notifications direct from your RTU let field techs respond to alarms in the field, speeding repairs and reducing windshield time. Pager-capable RTUs are perfect for after-hours monitoring
  • E-mail alarm notifications: E-mail alarm notifications direct from your remote telemetry unit create an automatic alarm history record, and keep supervisors informed of remote site problems

Advanced remote monitor features

  • Alternate dial-up path reporting: Support for both LAN and dial-up connections gives RTUs an alternate reporting path in case of network failures - or you can gradually migrate your remote site monitoring from dial-up to LAN connection
  • Terminal server functionality: An RTU with reach-through serial ports gives convenient LAN remote access to control and configure switches, routers, and PBXs
  • Automatic control echoing: RTUs that can automatically issue control relay commands in response to alarm inputs. Switch on generators, open doors, cycle power, and many other applications
  • Nuisance alarm filtering: RTUs with timed alarm qualifications filter out momentary alarms and oscillating conditions, eliminating tiresome distractions

Plus remote monitors with protocol mediation functions ...

  • TBOS to SNMP
  • TABS to SNMP
  • TBOS to TL1
  • TABS to TL1

SNMP, TL1, and E2A remote telemetry units

Find an RTU to mediate alarms from ...

  • Battery plants, rectifiers, and generators
  • Switches, routers, servers, microwave radios, optical carriers
  • Temperature, humidity, and site security sensors

...to SNMP, TL1, or E2A

Select one of the options below to find the RTU that's exactly right for your network alarm monitoring needs...

Remote Monitors for small sites Remote monitors for medium sites Remote monitors for large sites

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