RTU Telemetry Monitoring Products for Any Size Remote Site

Choose from a wide range of RTU telemetry monitoring products and optional modular systems for monitoring up to 5,664 discrete alarm points

small rtu telemetry monitoring products
NetGuardian 216
RTU telemetry monitoring products for small sites

medium rtu telemetry monitoring products
NetGuardian 832A
RTU telemetry monitoring products for medium sites

advanced rtu telemetry monitoring products
Advanced Telemetry System
RTU telemetry monitoring products for large sites
NetGuardian 216 product details NetGuardian 832A product details Advanced Telemetry System product details
  • Advanced RTU telemetry monitoring products like the modular Advanced Telemetry System (scalable from 96 to 1,824 discrete alarms, 48 to 864 analog alarms, 32 to 576 controls, SNMP or TL1) monitors larger remote networks.
  • The NetGuardian 832A is a commonly used RTU telemetry monitoring product for medium sites, and expanding small sites. (32 discrete alarms - expandable to 176 discrete inputs - 32 ping alarms, 8 analog alarms, 8 control relays, 8 serial terminal server ports, SNMP)
  • 16 discrete alarms, 2 analog alarms, and SNMP, makes the NetGuardian 216 the perfect RTU telemetry monitoring product for small-scale remote sites.
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Small RTU Telemetry Monitoring Products
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Medium RTU Telemetry Monitoring Products
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Advanced RTU Telemetry Monitoring Products

Custom design your RTU telemetry monitoring products by selecting advanced features...

Extra features included that will save you time and money...
LAN, serial or dial-up connectivity, alternate back-up path reporting, terminal server functionality, stand-alone Web browser access, built-in paging, and more..

Instant notification and continuous monitoring without master

  • Pager alarm notifications: Pager alarm notifications direct from your RTU telemetry monitoring product let field techs respond to alarms in the field, speeding repairs and reducing windshield time. These RTUs are perfect for after-hours monitoring
  • Web browser interface: Access to your RTU telemetry monitoring products from any computer at any location. You don't need a master to view and acknowledge alarms, just a computer and the internet
  • E-mail alarm notifications: E-mail alarm notifications direct from your remote telemetry unit creates a history record, and informs NOC staff of remote site problems

Multiprotocol support options for your remote alarm network monitoring needs...
SNMP, TL1, E2A, TBOS, plus remote site protocol mediation options

Find RTU Telemetry monitoring products to mediate alarms from ...

Select protocol mediation functions for your RTU Telemetry monitoring products

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Telemetry Monitoring Basics

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