Overview: TempDefender G2

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TempDefender G2 (front panel)
"Your server room guardian..."

Designed to protect your equipment rooms from unseen threats...

Video: TempDefender G2 Hardware

Could you estimate how much money your company has invested in your IT server room or data center? How much is your network uptime worth to you? These questions might be difficult to answer, but monitoring your valuable IT equipment certainly doesn't have to be.

Meet the TempDefender G2
The TempDefender G2 keeps tabs on all the environmental levels that affect your servers, phone closets, data centers, and other equipment locations. The 8 discrete alarms on the back panel of the TempDefender monitor your dry contacts, such as motion sensors, UPS, smoke detectors, flood sensors, AC and room entry. The 4 D-wire sensor inputs on the back panel allow you to monitor up to 32 analog sensors, giving you the analog capacity to keep on top of environmental conditions at your site.

Full Specifications

TempDefender G2 (Back Panel)
The TempDefender G2 can monitor your server room/closet with smoke detectors, humidity sensors, floor water sensors, temperature sensors, and more.

Full Specifications
Discrete Alarms 8.
Control Relays 3 (Form A) user defined NO/NC (Optional).
D-Wire Sensor Inputs 4 (up to 32 sensors via daisy chaining).
Ping Targets 32.
Interfaces 1 RJ45 10/100BaseT Ethernet port.
1 USB front-panel craft port.
1 - 4 RJ11 connector(s) for D-Wire Sensor network(Optional).
1 Serial port: RS232 or RS485 (Optional).
Network Security VLAN.
Protocols SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3.
Email (up to 8 email addresses).
Dimensions 4.437"H x 6.433"D x 9.230"W.
Weight 3.5 lbs. (1.56 kg).
Mounting 19" or 23" rack or wall mount.
Power Input -48VDC (-36 to -72VDC).
Operating Temperature 32 to 140 degrees F (0 to 60 degrees C).
Operating Humidity 0% - 95% non-condensing.
RoHS Yes (5/6).
Analogs 8 analog inputs(Optional).
  • 6 user.
  • 1 power input.
  • 1 temperature / power input.

Temperature Monitor Guide.

Data Center Management Techniques.

TempDefender G2 Screenshots

The TempDefender G2 includes an easy-to-navigate web interface that boasts several time-saving new tools. Menus load very quickly, and alarm statuses update automatically without requiring a page refresh. Look below for screens of the new setup wizards that make it easy to configure email and SNMP notification schedules.

The TempDefender Sensor Monitoring Interface
Monitor Real-Time Sensor Readings - monitoring your analog values has never been easier. Each sensor displays its monitored values in gauge form - so you can easily see the status of your alarms in a graphical display.

The TempDefender Sensor Setup Interface
Easy-to-Configure Analog Sensors - When you plug in a sensor, the TempDefender G2 will automatically determine the sensor's type and necessary settings. You don't have to worry about reference values or other complicated settings. Just plugin the sensor, set your thresholds, and you're ready to go.

8 discrete alarms

Keep tabs on your dry contact alarms: - Use the 8 discrete alarms to track thinks like tripped motion sensors, crossed temperature thresholds, and building entry.

View the Monitor > Controls menu up close

Monitor and Operate Controls: Get an at-a-glance view on the state of the control relays. You can latch and release controls from this screen.

See the SNMP setup screen

Setup SNMP Traps: Select the event that must occur for SNMP traps. You have the option of receiving traps when alarms are triggered, when they clear, or both.

View Configurable Email Settings

Setup Email Notifications: Whether you check emails at your desk or from your smartphone, the TempDefender G2 keeps you in the loop. Have your SMTP server and port information handy during setup.

See how to create alarm notification schedules

Creating Alarm Schedules: The built-in alarm scheduling tool allows you to account for employee time-off, after-hours monitoring, and shift changes. Enter in the specific day(s) and times you want to receive alarm notifications.


D-Wire Sensor

Track your environmentals with D-Wire Sensors

D-Wire sensors are a way to track environmentals in your server room (wide range temperature support: -40 to 180 degrees F), PBX closet, or data center using minimum analog capacity. With the TempDefender G2's D-Wire sensors, you don't have to worry about analog capacity on your RTUs, tangled masses of sensors at your RTU, or even the trouble of wiring analog connectors.

D-Wire sensors from DPS use simple RJ-11 connectors, in and out, and allow you to chain up to 8 sensors to a single TempDefender G2 D-Wire port. Your sensor chain can run a maximum of 600 feet, so you can run sensors out as far as you need to monitor your equipment, without having to place analog-capable RTUs in multiple places. Note: Internal D-Wire sensors (for internal temperature or internal voltage monitoring, for example) impact total sensor cable length.

The maximum length of a D-Wire daisy chain varies depending on the number of sensor nodes in the chain. A single sensor can receive power and transmit data over 600 feet of wire (for example, 3 sensors could have lengths less than or equal to 475 feet). Adding sensors to the chain consumes more power and reduces the maximum allowable wire length, as described in the table below:

D-Wire Temp

Temperature Sensor (D-PK-DSNSR-12001)

Temperature sensor that connects to the DPS Sensor network. This sensor can report live-analog values for monitoring temperature within +/-2 degrees F.

D-Wire Temp/Humidity

Temperature & Humidity Sensor (D-PK-DSNSR-12002.00002)

Monitor temperature and humidity using the D-Wire Temperature and Humidity combination sensor. This device can accurately report the live-anlog values for temperature (+/- 2 degrees F) and humidity (+/0 4% RH).

D-Wire Temp w/ LED

Temperature Sensor w/ LED (D-PK-DSNSR-12003)

An additional LED on this D-Wire Temperature Sensor gives a visual notification on the sensor. Much like the standard Temperature Sensor, this device will monitor live-analog values and can report temperature within +/- 2 degrees F of the actual value.

D-Wire Batt.Cell

Batt.Cell Voltage Sensor (D-PK-DSNSR-12004)

Battery Voltage Monitor & Temperature Probe that connects into the DPS Sensor network. This sensor is ideal for the digital inputs located on the Battery Voltage Monitor G2. Battery voltage range options include: 0VDC - 5VDC, 0VDC - 12VDC, 0VDC - 16VDC, and 0VDC - 60VDC.

D-Wire External Sensor Probe

Temperature External Sensor Probe (D-PK-DSNSR-12008)

External 8 foot temperature probe that is compatible with the DPS sensor network. This sensor may be plugged directly into a D-Wire point of a DPS RTU or may be the terminating point of a daisy chain of D-wire sensors. Note: This sensor probe is not daisy chainable.

Note: Distances will vary depending on D-Wire capable RTU. Consult applicable product section for product-specific D-Wire information. DPS recommends that no more than 16 sensors are used on a single chain.

D-Wire Temperature and Humidity Sensor Full Specifications
Dimensions: 2.25"H x 1.625"W x .9375"D
Weight: 0.38 lb
Operating Temperature: -40 to 180 degrees F (-40 to 82.2 degrees C)
Accuracy +/- 2 degrees F and +/- 4% RH
Aggregate Length: 40 to 800 feet

Data Center Management Techniques


The Temp Defender reports via T/Mon, SNMP, the TempDefender Web Browser, and E-Mail notifications.
The TempDefender G2 is capable of reporting discrete and analog threshold alarms a number of ways, keeping you in the loop.
D-Wire Sensors make running analog sensors painless.

D-Wire sensors are all powered directly from the TempDefender G2 D-Wire ports and support 4 analog thresholds (major under, minor under, minor over, major over). You can daisy chain these sensors together, up to 32 to a single TempDefender G2, in any configuration. Run 32 sensors in a single chain or run eight sensors from each of the TempDefender G2's D-Wire ports.

D-Wire Temperature Sensor

D-Wire Temperature Sensor

*The TempDefender G2 is a more advanced model than the TempDefender IT shown below. This video should still prove useful as a TempDefender G2 reference. They are similar in design. "G2" refers to it being the second generation.

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