Add Functionality to Your DPS Gear

SiteDialer for NetGuardian

DPS SiteDialer for NetHuardian
  • Give your NetGuardian 832A/864A the ability to dial out via standard POTS line and notify you of alarms.
  • Configure up to 255 alarm points with unique voice alerts.
  • Notify up to 32 people in 4 call lists per alarm point
  • Configure scheduling, alarm escelation, and priority settings to ensure the right person sees the alarm.
  • Acknowledge alarms anywhere from your phone (DTMF).

SiteDialer for T/Mon LNX

DPS SiteDialer for T/Mon
  • Give your T/Mon the ability to dial out via standard POTS line and notify you of alarms.
  • Includes all the functionality of the NetGuardian SiteDialer (above), with no limit on configurable alarm points.

NetGuardian DX Expansion Units

NetGuardian DX
  • Incrementally increase alarm capacity as your site grows with a NetGuardian DX, DX 832A, or DX 864A (48, 32, and 64 addition alarm points, respectively).
  • Add Up to 8 additional relay contact closures and 8 analogs per expansion with the NetGuardian DX 832A/864A.
  • Daisy-chain up to three expansion units to your NetGuardian's RS-232 port.
  • Easily configure expansion alarm points with the NetGuardian's web interface.

Communication Interface Adapters

DPS Interface Adapters
  • Flexible, cost-effective ways to integrate diverse equipment into your network.
  • Adapters include: Alternate Path Switch, 232-245B Polling Interface, RS-232 to FSK Converter, 8 Channel ASCII MUX, TL1 MUX-8, 8 Port Serial Switch, FSK Converter, 12-Port Router RS-232, Protection Switch.

NetGuardian Hinged Back Panels (Alarm Termination)

Hinged Wire-Wrap Back Panel
  • Attach behind your NetGuardian 832 for easy alarm, control, and analog termination.
  • Convserve rack space and hinge open the back panel for easy access to all data ports.
  • Install easily. No extra power to the back panel is necessary.
  • Includes all connectors and cables necessary to connect to your NetGuardian.

NetGuardian Test Fixtures

DPS RTU Test Fixture
  • Allow technicians to verify every discrete alarm input, control relay, and voltage-based analog alarm input on a NetGuardian 832A or 864A.
  • Utilize the trusted tool of DPS test technicians to diagnose monitoring problems.

SiteMon IP: Camera & RTU Hybrid

SiteMon IP: Camera & RTU Hybrid
  • Make security decisions remotely, allowing you to dispatch on-call staff, security, or even police.
  • View live images in T/GFX or cache them on your PC
  • Store up to 63 images locally and up to 10,000 images using T/Mon's image receiver job.
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