Tools to Add Functionality to Your DPS Gear

VoIP OrderWire System
VoIP OrderWire System

This VoIP OrderWire systems plugs right into your LAN and delivers free voice communication between sites. You'll contact sites directly using Station-to-Station mode, use Hoot 'n Holler to quickly locate your techs, and setup a conference call between selected stations using Party Line mode. VoIP OrderWire from DPS is available with or without built-in NetGuardian alarm monitoring.

Remote Power Controllers
Remote Power Controller 100

With these power switches, available in both AC and DC versions and in several specialized configurations (ex. "Smart Fuse Panel"), you'll power on/off and reboot all your critical devices - right from your desk at the Central Office. Using any PC on your network, you can operate controls, check temperature at the site, and keeps tabs on power consumption - all without rolling a single truck.

DPS Site Dialer for NetGuardian
DPS Site Dialer

The newest accessory for NetGuardian RTUs. Receiving and acknowledging alarm notifications from the field is easy with custom voice alerts. The Site Dialer is supported by NetGuardian 832A and 864A remotes. When an alarm is triggered, the Site Dialer calls up to 8 phone numbers in your call lists with the site name, alarm status, timestamp, and more.

DPS Site Dialer for T/Mon
DPS Site Dialer for T/Mon

With this new Site Dialer for designed especially for T/Mon, you'll get voice alerts "on the fly" to your home phone or cell. The Site Dialer takes your T/Mon alarm descriptions and calls you with alarm notifications you can acknowledge right from your phone. This accessory requires T/Mon and the T/Mon EXP expansion chassis.

NetGuardian DX Expansion Units
NetGuardian DX

The NetGuardian Expansion provides an additional 48 discrete alarm points. Up to three NetGuardian Expansions can be daisy-chained off one NetGuardian, providing a total of 176 alarm points.

Discrete and Analog Sensors
Discrete and Analog Sensors

Fuel tanks, battery power, lighting systems, and water levels are just some of things you need to monitor to keep your network up and running. Track changing network conditions with these discrete & analog sensors.

Communication Interface Adapters
Interface Adapters

These communications interface adapters and media converters provide a flexible, cost-effective way to integrate diverse equipment into your network.

SiteMon IP: Camera & RTU Hybrid
SiteMon IP: Camera & RTU Hybrid

With this camera and RTU in one, you don't need to wonder what's going on at your sites. The new SiteMON IP enables you to make security decisions remotely, allowing you to dispatch on-call staff, security, or even police. Available with or without the outdoor enclosure.

NetGuardian SiteCAM
NetGuardian SiteCAM

The NetGuardian SiteCAM provides streaming video security surveillance of remote sites. The SiteCAM connects to either the NetGuardian's integrated 10BaseT hub or a separate 100BaseT hub. SiteCAM video can be accessed directly from the NetGuardian's Web Browser interface. Up to four cameras can be supported.

General LCD Display (GLD)
General LCD Display

The GLD is a small wall-mounted remote terminal for the NetGuardian. The LCD display shows system status and alarm messages, and the built-in speaker gives an audible notice of alarms. Up to 12 GLDs can be daisy-chained off the NetGuardian. (NetGuardian with optional RS-485 port required.)

Hinged Back Panels / Alarm Termination
Hinged Wire-Wrap Back Panel

The hinged back panels provide wire-wrap or screw lug terminations to the NetGuardian's alarm and controls.

Orderwire Systems
Orderwire Systems

An order wire is a voice communications system used primarily by maintenance personnel to communicate between equipment sites. It is a telephone system, but has no central office switching. It's an economical phone system that is network owned.

Building Access System (BAS)
Building Access System (BAS)

The Building Access System is a comprehensive building management system that integrates into an existing alarm management platform. With the system in place, a log of all site access, including the time of day and location that access was granted, is maintained. The BAS is the perfect add-on for our KDA and NetGuardian products.

NetGuardian Test Fixtures
Test Equipment

The NetGuardian Test Box allows technicians to verify every discrete alarm input, control relay, and voltage-based analog alarm input on a NetGuardian 832A or 864A. The NetGuardian Test Fixture is a trusted tool of DPS test technicians.

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