Order Wire Systems for Efficient and Cost-Effective Voice Communication

An order wire is a voice communications system used primarily by maintenance personnel to talk between equipment sites. It is a telephone system, but has no central office switching.

Modern VoiP Order Wires allow you to deploy free voice communication at all your LAN sites across your network.
It uses a portion of the network's bandwidth that is not normally used for revenue traffic, such as the bottom portion of the base-band spectrum or a portion of an overhead bit stream.

In summation, the over wire system is an economical phone system that is network-owned.

DPS Telecom VoIP Orderwire

This next-gen orderwire uses VoIP to deliver voice communication at all your LAN sites - plus the monitoring you expect from a NetGuardian. In the same 1 RU unit, you get an RTU with 16 discrete alarm inputs, 4 analog inputs, and 2 control relays.
  • Station to Station: Dial directly from "A" to "B", or "C" to "A", etc.
  • Hoot n' Holler: All Call feature that allow "A" to call "B" "C" "F" speakers.
  • Conference Bridging "D" : Allows for multiple stations to join privately.
    Therefore stations "A", "C", "E", "F", "G" can set up a private conference (Up to 5 participants).
  • Off-Net: Any station will be able to dial an outside phone, via off-net stations "E" and "G", or outside phones can dial any station.

Each VoIP OrderWire unit installs easily - just plug into your LAN hub and with one RU of space you will enjoy unlimited calling sans long-distance carrier fees.
FDO 1000

The FDO 1000 Order Wire brings maintenance communications into the 21st century with features and benefits that come only with microprocessor control.

FDO 3000 Off-Net

The FDO 3000 Off-Net interfaces DPS FDO 1000 series order wires to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) via 2-wire or 4-wire line.

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