NetGuardian 216 G3: Smaller RTU For Smaller Sites

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The NetGuardian 216 G3: A smaller RTU that provides exactly the right capacity to manage your small and medium sites and reports alarms using SNMP or DCP over your existing IP network.

Are you running blind at your small sites? The NetGuardian 216 G3 makes it cost-effective to monitor every site in your network

  • New Wireless CDMA/GSM Option! Report alarms via SMS, either direct to your mobile phone or to your alarm master with the new SMS Receiver
  • Right-size capacity for small sites: 16 discrete alarms, 2-8 analog inputs, 2 controls and 1 terminal server port
  • Reports alarms to any SNMP manager or the T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System
  • Build options include back panel serial port or POTS modem
  • Reports to up to 2 SNMP managers - great for reporting alarms to different departments
  • 4-threshold analog monitoring (Major Over, Minor Over, Minor Under and Major Under)
  • Terminal server port for LAN access to switches, routers, PBXs and other serial-interface devices
  • Intuitive Web Interface GUI New!
  • Automated 24/7 Email Notifications New!
  • Alarm notification messages to your cell phone or PDA
  • Logs Local Events, so you can track trends and locate recurring network problems New!
  • Optional dual -48 VDC or 110 VAC power input
  • Compact rack mount form factor
  • Comes with single rack ear (2nd Ear optional, recommended)
  • Included Windows configuration utility for easy, quick turnup - configure every NetGuardian 216 unit in your network without leaving your desk
  • Free lifetime firmware upgrades
  • Windows-based configuration backup utility: Stores and restores all your configuration files for mass re-loading - NEW!
  • Optional POTS modern supplies alternate path reporting to pagers & T/MON
  • NetGuardian 216 White Paper.
The NetGuardian 216 is the go-to RTU for small sites.

Easy alarm termination
The 216/V16 hinged pluggable back panel allows for pluggable connections to your NetGuardian's alarms, analog inputs, and control relays. This allows you to use your preferred termination style. The hinged panel connects to the NetGuardian with short amphenol cables. If you ever need to replace your NetGuardian with a spare, the hinged panel swings out of the way for easy access.

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