NetGuardian 832A SNMP RTU

The NetGuardian 832A is an SNMP RTU.

There have been many hardware variations spanning multiple decades. The 832A was the first RTU released by DPS Telecom. In fact, the G1 model was known simply as "the NetGuardian" for some time. Dozens of other NetGuardian models followed later, so the "832A" designation is now an important detail.

The G4 model introduced a faster processor and switched to convenient RJ45 serial ports for the terminal server instead of DB9 ports that require cables soldering.

NetGuardian 832A back panel
This back panel of the NetGuardian 832A G5 has the dense port arrangement common to all 832A generations.

The G5 model added SNMPv3 capability, much more speed, and firmware improvements that increase ease of use. A 64-point variant of the 832A, called the 864A, was also released.

For a more detailed comparison, download the NetGuardian 832A G2, G4, & G5 Comparison Chart

Since its introduction, the NetGuardian 832A has supported multiple transports: LAN, serial, and dial-up (modem). This ensures that you have compatibility with legacy networks or a backup alarm reporting path if your LAN fails.

Case studies from NetGuardian 832A users:

Tips & Accessories

Expand Your Number of Available Serial Ports With the 8-Port Serial Switch...
Expand Your Number of Available Serial Ports With the 8-Port Serial Switch...

Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

This application features a single 8-Port Serial port switch, allowing you to expand your serial ports. A single NetGuardian port will be required to add the SPS8 device for your serial devices. Therefore adding an additional 8 RS232 Serials Ports for a net gain of 7. Please note that the SPS8 device will use the existing NetGuardian 832 port with a baud limit of 9,600. That means all 8 ports will be limited to a complete total throughput of 9,600 baud.

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