"NetGuardian 832A Status Check"

NetGuardian 832A Status Check
When was the last time you checked
on your NetGuardian 832A remotes?

A lot can happen in a year. That's why it's time for an annual checkup of your NetGuardian 832A remotes.

Quick Introduction to the NetGuardian 832A
If you're not currently familiar with the NetGuardian 832A, it's a high-performance, full-featured RTU in 1 rack unit of space. It includes 32 discrete alarm inputs, 8 analog inputs, 8 control relays, and a terminal server for controlling serial equipment remotely. View product page.
  • It's an industry best-practice to maintain a safety stock of your gear, including your alarm remotes. Do you currently have a good safety stock of NetGuardian 832A's? Did some of your spares get used this year? Do you need to replenish your inventory?
  • Also, take this opportunity to check the firmware version of your NetGuardians. If you have the NetGuardian 832A G5 model and you haven't upgraded your firmware in a while, you're missing out on a great new SNMP feature.

    Over the summer, the Engineering Department added the new "SNMP GET Ping" feature for checking device status. Although it isn't really an ICMP ping, this feature functions very much the same way. Your NetGuardian 832A G5 will send SNMP GET requests to SNMP devices at an interval you specify. If a device fails to respond to consecutive requests, the NetGuardian sets an alarm to alert you to the problem. The best part is, because an SNMP GET is a more rigorous check than an ICMP ping, you'll be able to recognize "frozen" SNMP equipment that is still capable of responding to simple pings.
  • If your remotes are dual-powered, are they both connected?
  • Are you maximizing your visibility with the right sensors? DPS offers a range of discrete and analog sensors, for monitoring temperature, humidity, propane levels, etc.
  • To download firmware updates for your DPS alarm remotes, or to sign up for automatic notifications when an update is released, visit MyDPS.

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