Access More Serial Devices with the New 5-Port NetGuardian 216T

If you need remote access to multiple serial devices, the new 5-port NetGuardian 216T RTU (Remote Telemetry Unit) is your answer. This new build option will allow you to access up to five switches, PBXs, and other serially-interfaced devices, giving you terminal server functionality for your remote sites.

netguardian 216t
The NetGuardian 216T is now available with 1 or 5 serial reach-through ports

The NetGuardian 216T is a compact, single-rack unit designed to provide powerful monitoring capability for smaller enclosure sites. With support for both FrameRelay and PPP protocols over a T1 interface, it is compatible with a number of routers. By transmitting network alarms over either LAN or T1, the NetGuardian can provide you with mission-critical visibility of your remote sites, whether or not they are within your existing network.

With 16 discrete alarms, 32 ping alarms, and 7 analog inputs, the NetGuardian 216T provides versatility to meet with your unique site's monitoring challenges. Collecting data from these alarm inputs, the NetGuardian will provide your operators and technicians complete status notifications though email, pager, and T/Mon. These notifications include important alarm details your technicians need to quickly get your network back online, preserving revenue that would otherwise be lost during a prolonged outage.

NetGuardian Web Browser
Analog inputs allow monitoring of continuous ranges of values, such as temperature, humidity, battery levels, etc.

The five serial reach-through ports found on the NetGuardian 216T's new 5-port build option are also helpful in reducing repair times. With the additional four ports, the NetGuardian provides you access to more serial devices than ever, providing you with terminal server functionality, allowing remote Telnet to access external serial devices.

NetGuardian Ports
The NetGuardian 216T provides terminal server functionality over LAN or T1 using one or five serial ports

The analog inputs will be particularly beneficial for your site monitoring, allowing you to manage alarms detailing humidity, temperate, battery levels, and other environmental factors. The NetGuardian 216T includes four general analog inputs, two battery-level sensors, and one temperature sensor. By alerting your technicians of alarms as they cross any of the four user-defined threshold levels, you will be able reduce repair times by making adjustments before serious problems occur.

These additional ports allow you to monitor and manager your serial equipment remotely over a LAN or T1 connection. This will reduce windshield time; preventing expensive trips to remote sites to check up on serial equipment.

Installing and provisioning the NetGuardian 216T is easy using the connectors for all serial and LAN ports, as well as alarm, analog, and control wiring. A wire-wrapped back panel is also available as an installation option for the device. Once it has been installed, provisioning can be easily done using any web browser or generic TTY terminal, either on-site or remotely.

As your LAN network grows, the NetGuardian 216T can be easily adjustment from T1 transmission to LAN transmission of network alarms. When the LAN network is extended to your remote sites, simply switch the NetGuardian from the T1 port to the LAN port. This will save you from an expensive deployment of new RTU's (Remote Telemetry Units), and eliminate the hassle of rewiring your network devices.

NetGuardian 216T Integrated hub
The NetGuardian 216T's integrated hub provides Ethernet for up to 7 site devices

The NetGuardian 216T is a cost-efficient monitoring solution for smaller enclosure sites. With the added terminal server functionality of the new 5-port build option, the NetGuardian can provide you all of the alarm collection and reporting features you need while giving you needed remote access to your important serial equipment.

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