Introduction to SCADA

What is SCADA?

SCADA refers a wide range of remote monitoring and control systems, including:

SCADA is just about everywhere. Anywhere machines are collecting, exchanging, processing and presenting information could well involve SCADA technologies and concepts. You may be completly new to the world of monitoring and control or just new to SCADA systems and applications. Whatever your situation, you can learn the fundamental concepts and then learn how to make higher-level SCADA design and implementation decisions.

SCADA applications

Start with a Tutorial PDF

If you're just getting started with SCADA, a great place to start building your understanding is the SCADA Tutorial White Paper. You'll learn what SCADA is, where and how it's commonly used, and see an example of "The World's Simplest SCADA System". Although many industry white papers look like bland research papers written by academic professors, this one was based on 30 years of real-world experience in monitoring and control. It features actual SCADA applications and is designed to be quickly understood by busy monitoring professionals like you.

Attend a Training Class

When you're ready for the next level of learning, consider attending a SCADA training session. DPS Telecom offers free training for qualified professionals in multiple industries. Unlike broad theoretical training, you'll work through real configurations with real equipment. There's really nothing quite like hands-on training to increase your skills.

Speak with SCADA Experts

If you have any questions as you learn about SCADA, you're welcome to contact DPS at 559-454-1600.

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