Monitor SNMP Devices With Your TL1 Master

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Monitor SNMP Devices with Your TL1 Master

Mediate Traps from SNMP Equipment to TL1

If you use a TL1 master to monitor your network, adding new equipment often causes problems with incompatible protocols. You need to monitor switches, propane tanks, rail-road tracks, legacy equipment, routers, DACs, and other equipment that reports SNMP traps, and your TL1 master is too deeply embedded in your network to be replaced.

The answer is a protocol mediation solution. In this application, a protocol mediation device translates SNMP traps to TL1 and forwards the mediated data to your existingTL1 master. This solution is more practical and less expensive than replacing your TL1 master. It also avoids the trouble and costs of installing and maintaining a specialized SNMP manager to monitor only SNMP equipment.

Related Prods Show Me Products That Do This ...

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