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About the Author

Marshall DenHartog has seven years' experience working with SNMP, including designing private MIB extensions, creating SNMP systems for multiple platforms, and developing SNMP-based monitoring for several nationwide networks. Marshall DenHartog

How This White Paper Will Help You

Most SNMP reference books aren't written for you, the telecom professional who needs to monitor network alarms with SNMP. Instead, most SNMP books are written for IT techs. That's great if you want to manage a computer network, but it's useless if you need carrier-grade network visibility of telecom equipment and remote sites.

This guidebook has been created to give you the information you need to successfully implement SNMP-based alarm monitoring in your network. It's an introduction to SNMP strictly from the prospective of telecom network alarm management, with fast specific answers to help you make SNMP monitoring work in your network.

Part 1: An Introduction to SNMP


Reality Check: What Can SNMP Do For Me? 4
Part 2: How SNMP Handles Alarm Messages
Reality Check: What Features Do I Need in an SNMP RTU? 6
Part 3: Understanding the MIB (Management Information Base)
Reality Check: How to Get Better Visibility of Your SNMP Alarms 8
Part 4: Understanding Packet Types and Structures
Reality Check: 4 Signs You Need Protocol Mediation 10
Part 5: Understanding Layered Communication 8
Reality Check: How Protocol Mediation Works 13
Part 6: 7 Reasons Why a Basic SNMP Manager Is a Lousy Telemetry Master
7 Features That SNMP Managers Can't Match 16
Case Study: KMC Telecom Saves $2 Million Per Year Through In-House Monitoring
Quick and Dirty Checklist: 5 Steps to Start Your SNMP Monitoring Project
SNMP Troubleshooting Guide
SNMP Glossary
SNMP Product Guide
Why You Need Help With Your SNMP Implementation 24
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