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At DPS, we don't have know-nothing salespeople. From their very first day, our sales team is trained using DPS technology. If you ever call and your sales rep does not know the answer, there is a senior sales team member with decades of experience right down the hall.

We maintain a knowledgeable staff to make sure you get the consultive experience that your unique network deserves. You do not need someone to talk over you and send you a one-line price quote.

You need to speak with an expert, decide together on the best remote-monitoring solution, and then get a detailed PDF proposal that helps you justify the project within your company. You'll know that we heard you correctly because every sales quote includes a custom application diagram that shows you how your new DPS equipment fits in.

Experience excellent customer service with our sales reps, then receive uncomparable support from our engineers. Our engineers are easy to reach and provide first-rate support.

Please do not hesitate to call or email us at any time, even if you just have preliminary questions. We know that projects (especially if you are a big organization) take a long time to plan. We will help you make the right decisions early on to ensure a smooth project.

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