T/Mon EXP: The T/Mon NOC Expansion

T/Mon EXP - The first T/Mon NOC Expansion
T/Mon EXP: The first T/Mon NOC expansion unit

This Product Has Been Replaced

This product was designed to enhance the capabilities of the T/Mon NOC and IAM platforms. As T/Mon EXP functionality has been integrated into the latest iteration of the T/Mon platform, the T/Mon LNX, it is now unnecessary for new T/Mon deployments. If you have a T/Mon NOC or IAM, uprgrade paths are available to the T/Mon LNX.

T/Mon EXP: Expand the capabilities of your T/Mon NOC and IAM platforms...

The T/Mon EXP is the latest hardware accessory designed to expand the overall functionality and monitoring capacity of your T/Mon NOC or IAM alarm master. Customize your T/Mon EXP by loading the software modules you need for your network. This ultra-fast, gigabit LAN platform ensures fast connectivity with capacity to add future functionality.

Benefits of the T/Mon EXP:

Configuring the unit is easy from your T/Mon NOC master station. To get started, you only need to set an IP address for T/Mon EXP.

"Supercharge your T/Mon NOC with the new T/Mon EXP..."
T/Mon EXP: Full Specifications

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