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DPS Telecom Blog

How to Use SCADA's Inherent Flexibility

I was at the 2024 New Orleans Tradeshow two weeks ago and I took notes on all the interactions that we had. A lot of people had amazing questions that I thought would be beneficial if turned into a blog to elaborate further on them. When talking about

Ziad Alezabi
February 16, 2024

How To Monitor Clean Energy With SCADA Technology

Clean energy is a future that we constantly strive towards. However, monitoring the clean energy industry is a challenge due to the following issues: The inability to integrate: SCADA systems that monitor multiple types of clean energy sources (ex. solar,

Ziad Alezabi
February 16, 2024

Configure Your SCADA Units to Monitor and Control Oxygen Trimming

In applications such as boilers, furnaces, and other industrial combustion equipment, you will hear the term "combustion process". When speaking about a combustion process, you might hear the term "oxygen trimming". Oxygen trimming is used to optimize

Ziad Alezabi
February 9, 2024

How To Use An HVAC Controller To Cool Your Facility

Very commonly, someone will request an HVAC controller for controlling and monitoring cooling equipment. One of the main reasons that this may be such a desired application is that it minimizes and optimizes energy consumption. First, you need to ask

Ziad Alezabi
February 8, 2024

Top DOs and DON'Ts of Police Department SCADA Remote Monitoring

When it comes to first response units, specifically the police department, immediately responding to alerts is the difference between life and death. Integrating technology such as a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system is necessary. SCADA

Ziad Alezabi
February 2, 2024

Using SCADA systems To Monitor Fixed Bridges and Drawbridges

Using SCADA systems To Monitor Fixed Bridges and Drawbridges Bridges are an important invention that has helped to transport goods and people across water or gaps in the land. It has helped us overcome obstacles (literally). However, bridges are subject

Ziad Alezabi
January 30, 2024

How To Remotely Monitor Your Fluid Pumps via SMS

Not too long ago, a potential client from an overseas country reached out to me about monitoring solutions for his pump rooms and pump sets. He had over 2000 pump sets and was in the process of developing and upgrading all of them. A pump room is responsible

Ziad Alezabi
January 26, 2024

How To Monitor Your Power Supply and HVAC By Escalating Alarm Notifications

I recently went to a routine site visit to one of my clients. I was giving them a presentation about a previous installment that we've done at an overseas company. I remembered our initial interactions during our conversation, and I thought it would be helpful for me to demonstrate the applied configuration for you.

Ziad Alezabi
January 26, 2024

Steps To Building The Perfect Alarm Monitoring Headend Unit For You

Building the perfect Master Alarm Monitoring station should be a careful process. Take everything into consideration, like how efficient your head-end unit is and how well can it integrate all of your security operations. The head-end alarm monitoring

Ziad Alezabi
January 18, 2024

What is the Future of SNMP Alarm Monitoring?

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a widely used network protocol that facilitates the monitoring and managing of network devices. One of SNMP's most useful features is its ability to generate alarms to inform network administrators of potential

Andrew Erickson
January 16, 2024

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