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DPS Tech Support - Based Exclusively in Fresno, CA, USA

Check out the FAQs and the other resources on this page for a fast answer to your problem. Common terminology can be found here. If you need more help, don't hesitate to call. If it's urgent for you, it's urgent for us, and we'll get you a solution.

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Usually, efficient tech support is hard to find. Many companies out-source their tech support services, while others make use of automated messages. This may save their company time and money, however, it only creates hardship and frustration for their clients looking for a solution to a problem.

Here at DPS, we know full well that most people have a poor opinion of tech support, and we are determined to ensure that every client who calls our tech support will have an outstanding experience.

We do pride ourselves on being one of the last remaining companies that provide excellent, personalized tech support services to our clients. We provide personal tech support. We don't have voice mail. You don't have to navigate menus. There is no waiting on hold. We want to help you, and you'll get a quick answer from a real person.

When you call us, the people you talk to know how to use the system. They've installed it, actually set it up and done the things you're trying to do. Or they've helped design the products you use. It's a big difference from the norm of tech support. At DPS, you talk to people who know how the product works in the real world, and they've made the product work in real-life installations.

Here, someone is always available to help you with your monitoring issue. No matter how difficult the problem, Jesse, Richard, and Ron will work with you to find a solution.

Meet The DPS Telecom Technical Support Team

The person you talk to at DPS is not - as it is at so many companies - an untrained intern reading from a script. Every DPS support tech is an engineer with experience working with your system. And if necessary, your tech support issue goes straight to the top of the company. We're tightly integrated with the Engineering Department, so we always have extra people to help out. If something needs testing, we use all of our engineering resources, including engineers that have been with the company since day 1.

Tech support engineer

Richard Howell has done quite a lot during his + year career at DPS Telecom. As a technical support expert, Richard has traveled extensively, providing installation assistance and on-site training.

His many years of experience have made Richard well-rounded in all protocols and given him a background in almost any type of equipment you need to monitor.

Ron Stover Tech support engineer

Ron Stover has been with DPS since Day One. With over years of experience, Ron has seen just about every problem you might run into. As an installation and deployment expert, Ron has also seen nearly every state, as well as parts of Mexico and Canada, during field installations and field trials.

Ron is one of the hardest working members of the DPS team. He's the first to arrive and one of the last to leave. "I would rather leave the building late having peace of mind than take off early knowing someone out there still needs help", Ron says.

Spending a lot of time on the phone with people, Ron comments, "I really enjoy talking to people using our products. They use them in many exciting ways. I like being part of their success."

Ron is extremely knowledgeable. In fact, it is nearly impossible to reach a higher level of tech support expertise in any industry on a tech support call. Most of the time you're likely to encounter an entry-level employee who has no comprehensive knowledge of the product - not so with DPS!

Give Ron a call if you have any comments on tech support.

Contact the DPS Tech Support Team for help with your monitoring - 24 hours x 7 days a week.

And to receive a price quote or ROI analysis simply call 1-800-693-0351.

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