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DPS Telecom Blog

Monitoring EPEVER Solar Charge Controllers and Electric Current (Amps) with a NetGuardian RTU

This client was looking for a few things: (1) A method to measure the power (Amps) going from the battery bank to the load. Knowing the size of the battery bank and watts sent to the batteries - so that he can develop a "battery life remaining" gauge for the batteries. (2) He also wanted to...

Andrew Erickson
December 1, 2023

How to Poll a Modbus Generator

Many generator brands, including Generac, Kohler, Cummins, and Omntec use Modbus protocol for data and alarm information polling. Learn how to poll a generator with Modbus protocol and the best options for implementing a monitoring system for your Modbus generator.

Haley Zeigler
November 22, 2023

This Power Utility Got a Custom Power Controller for Their Telecom Cabinets

Picture a bright conference room at a major power utility's headquarters, nestled within the majestic Rocky Mountains. I'm a sales engineer from DPS Telecom. I'm visiting to discuss a new DIN-rail PDU project with this DPS client.

Andrew Erickson
November 2, 2023

Using a Large RTU to Monitor 21 Power Circuits at IP Carrier Facilities

I recently got a call from a long-time DPS client at an IP carrier. He's looking to monitor 100A and 200A circuits at over 100 remote sites. I was excited to offer my assistance. He remembered our previous work together and now had new goals for a project.

Andrew Erickson
November 1, 2023

DPS Telecom - Delivering Remote Monitoring Solutions for 37 Years and Counting

DPS Telecom - Delivering Remote Monitoring Solutions for 37 Years and Counting This month, October 2023, DPS celebrates its 38th anniversary. From the beginning, DPS has been a client-oriented company. Our focus is on delivering the best solutions for

Haley Zeigler
October 27, 2023

Remote Monitoring Systems for Railroads - My DPS Client Visit

During a recent visit to one of my railroad clients, I learned a lot of specific best practices and concerns. You can benefit from this information if you're a railroad or any other user of remote monitoring equipment.

Andrew Erickson
October 22, 2023

Building a Custom Power Monitoring Device for a Long-Time DPS Client (Part 2)

(Part 2) Now at a new company, my client reached out with fresh challenges and goals for a power-monitoring device. His project goals and requirements gave me a deeper perspective on the evolving needs of telecom companies today.

Andrew Erickson
October 21, 2023

Building a Custom Power Monitoring Device for a Long-Time DPS Client (Part 1)

I got a call from a familiar voice. It was a client I had collaborated with during his time at a major railroad, where we had worked together on what became the NetGuardian 420 RTU. Now at a new company, he reached out with fresh challenges and goals for a power monitoring device. Let's review what he's trying to accomplish.

Andrew Erickson
October 15, 2023

Generator Run Time Monitoring: Finding a Solution for EPA Compliance

When remote sites are powered by generators, it's essential to keep track of generator run time. Not only is this important for ensuring generator maintenance, but it's also mandated by the EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency requires certain industries,

Haley Zeigler
October 11, 2023

How This State Government Agency Chose Reliable Remote Monitoring Equipment

I recently returned from a client visit that highlighted the symbiotic relationship between manufacturers like DPS Telecom and the clients like you that we serve. This relationship is built on trust and continuous improvement. We discussed the historic reliability of T/Mon and this client's goals for the future.

Andrew Erickson
October 8, 2023

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