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Alarm Termination Option:
Use The 66 Block To Terminate Alarms From Your RTU...

Terminate Alarms with 66 block
The 66 Block Is Another Option For Using Your RTUs To Terminate Alarms...

Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

The 66 Block provides an amphenol port (2 ports per NetGuardian) for ease of alarm termination. It greatly reduces the time & errors when terminating alarms from remote collection devices such as the NetGuardian 864. The NetGuardian 864A G5 is a powerful, compact LAN-based alarm collector that provides network managers with remote visibility of their IP network elements. The NetGuardian 864 comes equipped with 64 Form-C contact closure points, 8 relays and 8 analogs. With 32 ping alarms, 64 discrete alarms, 8 analog inputs, and 8 controls, this versatile unit is the ideal network monitoring solution.

If an element fails to respond to successive pings, or if anything goes wrong with the environmental controls, the NetGuardian 864A notifies personnel using a variety of methods with a complete status message. Notification types include SNMP Traps, alphanumeric pager, numeric pager, text message, TCP text, T/MonXM, and E-mail. The unit also stores up to 100 events in its event log. Provisioning of the NetGuardian 864A can be easily accomplished using any Web Browser or generic TTY terminal. This can be done on site, using the front panel craft port, or remotely via LAN (TELNET) or dial-up modem. The entire configuration is saved on the NetGuardian 864A where it remains secure through power outages in non-volatile RAM.