Getting Started With Smart HVAC Control

With a few temperature and airflow sensors combined with a smart HVAC Controller, you can easily monitor the complete picture of your HVAC units' performance and get peace of mind knowing that you'll be notified exactly when your filters are starting to clog and exactly when your HVACs are showing signs of their end-of-life.

HVAC Health Monitoring Setup

How to Save Money With Analytics and Cycle Management

Extending the life of your HVACs is always a top priority, and cycle management is your best friend in that regard. Running longer but fewer cooling cycles throughout the day is much less damaging to a system than running short bursts every hour. The HVAC Controller will automatically optimize for longer cycles, saving you money on repairs and replacements.

Also, especially in hotter climates, insulation plays a massive role iIn your electricity bill. With an HVAC Controller equipped with a few temperature sensors, you can calculate exactly how well your site's insulation stacks up, and find out if it might be worth replacing.

HVAC Cycle Graph

Lead-Lag Management

Having multiple HVACs at a single location gives you cooling flexibility. You don't have to run all the units when only one will do, but you can run them all simultaneously when you're fighting a large heat load.

Once you have multiple units, however, you need a controller to activate them appropriately and rotate them over time. This is known as a "lead-lag" controller (One "lead" HVAC activates first, then others activate after a "lag" if necessary).

A smart controller will also allow you to set a warmer temperature range that your equipment will tolerate, rather than cooling for humans that are rarely present. Site visitors can press the unit's "Comfort" button at any time for an hour of cooling.

HVAC Lead-Lag Diagram

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