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The Protocol - Jul/Aug 1999

President's Letter: Setting the New Pace...

Robert A. Berry, CEO
Robert A. Berry, CEO

How BIG is small? How big can you get and still be able to move faster and think smarter than the big guys? Good questions, however the real Answer is not a question of size but a commitment to service. In today's fast paced telecom world, quick solutions only work if they are backed up with unbelievable customer support and service. It is this combo that makes DPS Telecom unique. I continually teach and remind my staff to focus on servicing the customer.

By placing the customer first, we automatically assure DPS' continued growth. That's why we have tech support available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. That's why we readily modify off the shelf products to suit your needs. That's why Team DPS will work through the night to send a modification directly to the field. That's why we encourage you to "Partner" with us on new product designs. Satisfying you is our number one commitment. That's why we love what we do!

Bob Berry Signature

Patti Barnes - The Voice of Accounts Receivable

Patty Barnes
Patti Barnes

Patti Barnes is charged with handling all DPS' incoming funds. Although she contacts very few of our partners because of payment problems, she plays a significant role in the DPS "Partner" relationship.

"Because of our high level of customer satisfaction, most everyone pays us on time. People are always cooperative," stated Patti.

Commenting on the DPS "culture," Patti feels that we have a "good environment of cheerful people. This is the kind of atmosphere that makes you want to go to your job every day."

Patti recently participated in company sponsored Dale Carnegie leadership training. "I really enjoyed the training," she says. "It shows how much DPS cares about their employees."

Patti is a "local girl," born and reared in nearby Clovis. She studied child development at Fresno City College, planning to follow in her mother's footsteps as a daycare operator. Like mother, like daughter, she may still pursue that goal in the future. Her immediate plans call for more computer classes at FCC.

Patti fits well into the Central Valley life-style, enjoying many outdoor activities. In the summer she gets wet, either wake-boarding or jet-skiing. She also enjoys camping. During the winter she often heads for Sierra Summit Ski Resort for a day of snow-boarding.

You have questions about your account? Give Patti a call!