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NEC and Larse Protocol Mediation with T/Mon NOC

NEC and Larse Protocol Mediation with T/Mon NOC
NEC and Larse Protocol Mediation with T/Mon NOC

Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

This monitoring solution will provide you with the ability to mediate the alarms from your NEC and Larse equipment in an SNMP format to your central master station, or MOM (manager of managers).

The T/Mon NOC will perform many critical functions such as collecting, filtering, categorizing & present your alarms, maintaining history, alphanumeric paging and e-email notification. One of the most powerful features of the T/Mon NOC is its ability to mediate alarms to other protocols. In this case, We've included the SNMP responder module that will provide alarm visibility at other locations that use an SNMP manger. One of the most powerful features of the T/Mon NOC is the Pentium processor. Running at 2.5 GHz, it's at least 4 times faster than it's predecessor. Another key improvement includes the mirrored hard drive architecture.

In the event you lose your primary hard drive, the T/Mon NOC will automatically fall back to the secondary hard drive. In addition, the T/Mon NOC supports a modular interface design. This design allows us to semi-customize each T/Mon NOC for deployments in diverse network architectures. The T/Mon NOC is a rack mounted, -48V dual feed, Pentium computer that will be responsible for: Collecting, filtering, categorizing & presenting alarms, maintaining history, alphanumeric paging and e-mail notification. The T/Mon NOC will use the slide rack which can be placed into Lucent's 19" or 23" racks.

This solution provides the highest level of local alarm visibility. Alarm viewing will take several forms including our embedded web browser support facility. This interface is incredibly easy to use and will provide network visibility to your staff provided they are given the access rights by your system administrator. You can see an on line demonstration of this by logging on to our web site: http://www.dpstele.com/ and previewing the web browser demonstration. Other remote access will be provided using our T/Windows software. This software can be loaded on multiple PCs and is ideal for technicians and other members of your staff to view alarms from remote locations over LAN, direct connect or dial up.

With the T/Mon NOC, Lucent can begin using Pager alerts and escalation. T/Mon NOC can automatically send detailed alarm notifications via pager, cell phone, PDA or e-mail, so the right information is put directly in your hands, not locked up in a NOC console. Escalation notifications to supervisors ensure alarm acknowledgement and problem resolution.