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Why You Need Reliable Monitoring Devices

"I've got to tell you, Andrew, you guys make great gear. It's solid, it lasts a long time, and in our throw-away society, I gotta applaud you guys. I know it's enticing to build some obsolescence in there, but thank God for you guys making good gear that lasts a long time, because it's hard to get your money's worth out of this stuff, because they die so quick."

-Central Office Supervisor

"As far as reliability, we've been doing real good on that. We haven't had to change units in about... forever."

-Outside Plant Supervisor

Reliability, in the monitoring context, is really important. If the equipment that you use to protect your mission-critical gear is not reliable, it would be really annoying in the best-case scenario. You'd have to send teams to remote sites when they wouldn't otherwise need to be doing that.

But, worse, it can be hazardous to your team (imagine sending your techs to a very remote location in the middle of a snowstorm) and even to your end-users who depend on your network (police and fire radios, for example).

At DPS, we can have a hard time selling more monitoring gear because the devices we've sold 5, 10, or 15 years ago just keep working. So, we have this inside joke: wouldn't be great if we could just weld a battery inside our devices like smartphone makers do? We could sell another batch of gear every couple years. Fortunately for you, we just can't bring ourselves to do that.

If you're responsible for a network of remote sites, do not underestimate the value of very reliable monitoring gear. The cost of installation and training can frequently a lot more than the equipment itself, so it's important to focus on something that's high-quality and that will save you money in the long run.

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