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What Is The Voice Alarm Dialer Technology

Voice alarm dialer allows your remote monitoring system to call the phone number of your choice and notify you when an alarm is triggered.

In other words, when you need to hear alarms via automated phone calls, this technology allows your alarm remotes and master stations to do so. Advanced functions include extended call lists, alarm categorization for intelligent dispatch, and multiple voice options.

Many network technicians choose phone call alerts because they require no login or checking in multiple times a day. If you usually answer phone calls right away, then this could be a good alarm technology for you.


  • Custom Text-to-Speech or Recorded .WAV
  • Call-list Reporting
  • Dial-in Reporting
  • Site Listen-in
  • Site Listen-in Volume Control
  • NetGuardian Voice Expansion Unit
  • T/Mon Voice Expansion Unit
  • Zero-Crossing Detection (Used to Detect Answering Machine Beep)
  • Voice via Cellular Interface

Products featuring the Voice Alarm Dialer technology:

  • NetGuardian LT
  • DPS Site Dialer with Alarm Shout(TM) Technology

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