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Tech support that's equipped to solve any problem

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Tech support that's equipped to solve any problem

Custom-engineered products demand top-notch tech support. Tech Support must coordinate with Engineering to make sure that it's experienced with each and every new product. At DPS Telecom, that's exactly what happens.

Chris Hower

DPS Tech Support isn't outsourced to another country. All support calls are answered at the Fresno, CA headquarters. And the person you talk to at DPS is not - as it is at so many companies - an untrained intern reading from a script. Every DPS support tech is an engineer who has experience working with your system.

During product development, these support techs assist the Engineering Department by handling the second round of product testing. This process provides two distinct benefits to the client. First, overall product quality is enhanced by the additional tests.
Second, the support techs gain hands-on experience with the new product.

And when a client calls with a really tricky question, coordination with engineering becomes even more powerful. If DPS support techs don't have the answer, they have"down the hall" access to the engineers that created and maintain the product.

"When you call DPS Tech Support, the people you talk to know how to use the system," said Chris Hower, head of DPS Telecom Tech Support. "They've actually helped design the products you use. It's a big difference from the norm of tech support. At DPS, you talk to people who know how the product works in the real world."

A commitment to outstanding service

In his years at DPS Telecom, Chris Hower has worked with every DPS product, and he's helped clients in tech support, installation, and sales. Hower is also the senior instructor of DPS Factory and On-Site Training, where he brings a wealth of knowledge to share with clients.

Hower knows full well that most people have a poor opinion of tech support, and he's determined that every client who calls DPS Telecom Tech Support will have an outstanding experience.

"Everybody's had a frustrating experience with tech support, whether it's with consumer electronics or network equipment. Usually the people you talk to don't know much about what you need, or if they do, you have to pay four dollars a minute to talk to them," Hower said. "That simply isn't good enough for DPS Telecom clients."

"A lot of times, people come to us with an urgent need. Like, a somebody's-going-to-be-fired-if-this-isn't-working-by- Friday kind of urgent need. Well, if it's that urgent for the client, it's that urgent for us. So we listen to the client, and we tell the client, 'We're going to get you a solution, no matter what it takes,'" said Hower, who handles the bulk of tech support calls himself. "We provide personal tech support. We want to help you, and you'll get a quick answer from a real person."

DPS Telecom also has 7x24 support available for issues that arise outside of normal business hours.

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