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DPS will reduce your costs by building multiple devices into one...

You know that installations are expensive and use up valuable technician time. In fact, the cost of installing equipment at a remote site is frequently as high as the purchase price of that equipment.

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To avoid destroying your budget, you need to handle all required functions at your remote sites with the minimum number of devices. That's why DPS will build multiple pieces of equipment into one box for you. This reduces both the purchase price and the cost of installations.

Field-proven DPS hardware and software features can quickly be combined to make a new product for your specific needs. You get all the benefits of customization - a perfect-fit product that meets your exact needs - without the long wait times or questionable reliability.

The process you can follow to submit a custom perfect-fit product request to DPS Telecom
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For example, the NetGuardian 832A G5 is an alarm remote, 10/100 switch, and 8-port terminal server in a single 1 RU package. The Remote Power Switch AB6 combines the functions of a fuse panel, LAN power switch, and voltage monitoring device. What functions do you need?

What can DPS combine for you?
Do you need to monitor temperatures, control doors with proximity cards, and remotely reboot servers? Maybe you need to track battery cell voltages, activate backup generators when necessary, and get an IP camera view of a remote site. DPS has devices that handle each of those functions already, and we'll combine them into a single piece of equipment for you. Putting 3 or more functions into one product reduces the total purchase price, but it also dramatically reduces the labor time and expense for installations. "Repackaging" features that already exist into a single product is very easy for our in-house engineering team. Typical timelines are measured in weeks, and virtually never require additional fees. You also don't have to buy thousands of units. Depending on the project, the minimum order might be just a few units.

What new function do you need?
What if you need something that you can't find anywhere on the DPS website or catalog? You might find a product that's 90% of what you need, but you need the last 10% to make "almost perfect" into a perfect fit. Many times, a new technology has been developed since DPS designed a particular product. Maybe you need to monitor a very specific type of equipment or an unusual protocol. Maybe you just need an otherwise off-the-shelf device to have a specialized software feature, like a customizable delay timer or strong password enforcement. Whatever you need, DPS will listen to you. Engineering time will vary based on your request, but most projects involving new hardware features take just a few months. A small minimum order (11 units, or sometimes even smaller) will usually mean you pay no engineering fees. New software features are usually completed in weeks or even days, and order minimums are even lower.

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