Sensor Data Logger

Having a well designed array of sensors, monitoring equipment, and alarm notification devices can mean the difference between uninterrupted services and a catastrophic system outage. Being able to monitor the voltage in your battery bays, knowing how much fuel is left in your generator tanks, and the performance of various equipment is a crucial piece of maintaining your systems.

When an alarm is triggered by a sensor alerting to the fact that a measured point has fallen out of specifications, a technician is typically dispatched to attend to any resets or repairs that need to be performed. When determining what needs to be done, a review of a history of sensor activity is necessary. Without a sensor data logger, technicians would be unable to determine what cause the failure, only that it had occurred.

Many of the monitoring devices sold by DPS Telecom have a built-in method of logging data received by the sensors. By storing a list of changes, complete with a time-stamp, technicians are easily able to review the information and compare it concurrent logs from other sensors to compare them in order to find out what caused the failure. If a generator ran out of gas, you would be able to monitor when and for how long it was being used, or if your battery cells were to fail you could review a variety of factors to determine the cause.

If you are performing monitoring duties without the assistance of a proper data logger, it may be time to consider the advantages of keeping a history of the trends experienced by your sensors.

Types of Sensors
Discrete Sensors: Water, Door, Smoke, Motion...
Discrete Sensors for Network Alarm Monitoring Systems
Monitor Door Sensors, Windows Sensors, Water Sensors, & Generator Sensors
Standard Interface for Sensors

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