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Monitor Datalok Remotes via Granger Modems, Bell 103, and Microwave Base Band

Monitor Datalok Remotes via Granger Modems, Bell 103, and Microwave Base Band
Monitor Datalok Remotes via Granger Modems, Bell 103, and Microwave Base Band

Equipment Used:

  • T/Mon NOC
  • Datalok RTUs
  • Pulsecom PDP master (replaced)
  • Granger Modems
  • Bell 103
  • Microwave Base Band

How This Application Works:

Implementing this DPS Telecom solution will allow you to bridge the technology gap by replacing your Pulsecom PDP master while at the same time supporting your deployed Datalok remotes and ultimately transitioning to a modern, contemporary alarm system in the future.

This application will solve the following problems:

Platform consolidation
You presently don't have a comprehensive single platform for viewing and managing your entire network. You have multiple platforms each providing only half the picture. This results in inefficiencies in man power to maintain these platforms, training your staff and the lack of standardization. It's also expensive in terms of any maintenance agreements you may have in place. You don't have a single point of presentation.

Alarm Equipment that is no longer supported by the Vendor
Your present alarm vendor no longer supports your existing alarm remotes. Parts, repairs and on-going maintenance will continue to be a problem and will only get worse. You need equipment that is backed by a company with a long history of building innovative and state of the art alarm monitoring solutions and whose sole focus is network alarm monitoring. Not to mention state of the art, supported equipment with 2-year warranty.

Outdated alarm equipment, performance degradation
Your network alarm equipment whose primary function is to provide insight into the health of your network is literally on it's last leg. It's performance has degraded to the point where it is simply a matter of time before fails completely. System crashes; low performance and incompatibility with contemporary networks translate to a very risky situation for those who are responsible for maintaining the network. The mission critical systems that are being monitored are at risk and that is unacceptable.