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"The Top 5 Reasons You Must Improve Your Monitoring in This Economy..."

In today's economy, you must remember a key truth: Your core business programs don't hurt your budget, they support your budget. And, by protecting your core service offering, alarm gear safeguards your budget, as well.

Create your competitive advantage with clearer alarm monitoring

These are the 5 most important reasons why now is the most important time to build a competitive advantage with faster and clearer network alarm monitoring:

  1. You've been given a mandate to reduce costs.
    Business leaders at all levels have been ordered by upper management to reduce costs. Find the fat and trim it, they say. Well, that's precisely what good monitoring gear allows you to do. Think about how much time you're wasting with old and inadequate alarm interfaces. Imagine how many truck rolls you could cut with better information about your network. What if you could get text messages and email notifications? If you've been ordered to cut costs, remember that a quality alarm monitoring system often pays for itself in just a few quarters. For a full ROI analysis and estimate, call DPS at 1-800-693-0351.
  2. Staff cuts mean you'll be managing your network with a smaller, less-trained team.
    With staff reductions becoming the norm in just about every industry, you're faced with the big challenge of doing more with less. Alarm monitoring equipment provides critical support in that area. With better and faster information about your network status, you can use a smaller dispatch team to deploy your remaining technicians in the most efficient way possible. Perhaps you won't even have to dispatch anyone, or maybe the situation will be so serious that auto-notifications will go out to your high-level technicians.
  3. You must keep your staff focused on productive tasks
    It's always a lost opportunity when your staff isn't taking productive action. In today's environment, some members of your team may find themselves with a lighter load of their normal activities. That creates a perfect opportunity to spend available time on improving monitoring infrastructure. This is a great way to reduce or eliminate the need for staff cuts by ensuring that every employee is focused on value-generating activities. Quite frankly, alarm monitoring is a project you should have been doing all along that you just didn't have time for.
  4. Your customers are constantly reexamining the value they're receiving.
    In this economic environment, everyone is carefully examining all their costs. As a service provider, the one thing that you absolutely cannot afford in this environment is unplanned service outages. That's the equivalent of standing up and shouting "Please, Mr. Customer, cut me from your budget! Pick my competitor instead!"
  5. Your monitoring infrastructure needs to improve now to support the upcoming expansion.
    Talk to any business expert long enough and you're likely to hear about failed companies that became "victims of their own success". At the end of big economic downturns come big economic recoveries. If you're not ready to provide quality service during a surge in new business, you'll lose both new and existing customers. Quality monitoring gear helps you to deliver first-rate service by alerting you to small network problems - before they grow into frustrating service outages that send customers to your competition.

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