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How Gigabit Ports Can Future-Proof Your Network

Technology advances so fast these days it's hard to find things that can stand the test of time. The cost of updating your network every few years because your technology is obsolete is way too high. That's why it's important to always plan for the future.

Using 10/100/1000BaseT gigabit ports gives you the contemporary and future-proof technology you need to ensure smooth network operation. Installing gigabit switches with ports in your existing network is a long-term investment - and you want to get the most out of your investment.

Getting more out of your gigabit port
Using versatile technology that goes above and beyond your needs can be a cost-effective way to get more out of your investment. Why limit yourself to a device with a single function when you can use a device that gives you so much more for the security of your network.

Combining your gigabit port with a powerful remote terminal unit (RTU) can provide you with additional benefits. An RTU gives you the capability of remotely monitoring all of your valuable equipment - so you always know the status of all the crucial parts of your network.

Consider the following scenario...

Your server room, which provides high-speed fiber Ethernet to your extensive network, begins to overheat. Your switch is at the site, but it's just a switch - so it can't alert you. You have no idea the temperature is steadily rising and it eventually reaches a critical point, causing your valuable equipment to shut down and even fry. You finally realize the damage when your customers start calling and complaining about the disruption to their service.

Imagine if you had known the temperature was rising before it damaged equipment and crippled your network? Having this power could be the difference between one giant headache and preventing a critical outage.

Why stop there? It may seem strange, but did you know an RTU will function as a switch, a monitoring device, and remote control device?. With built-in serial server functionality, the right RTU can give you remote access and control to the external devices on your network. Having this remote control can save tons of money and time, and is perfect for managing your remote sites and other distant locations in your network.

Choosing the right RTU to fit your needs
Choosing the right technology doesn't have to be a hassle - and it certainly doesn't have to be expensive. Can you imagine just how much easier your job would be if you had such a versatile and future-proofed device - one that could provide you with a high-speed gigabit port, powerful monitoring functionality, and remote access to your external devices? You would never have to worry about bottlenecks slowing you down or equipment emergencies crippling your network. The right RTU will pay for itself over and over if it can help you prevent just one network outage.

NetGuardian 216F - which features a 10/100/1000BaseT gigabit port
The NetGuardian 216F is the versatile device you need to take on your network's challenges

Maintaining your network is a serious job - and you require a serious solution. That's why I recommend the NetGuardian 216F. This powerful device supports 10/100/1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet, 5 serial server ports, industrial-grade durability to withstand environmental challenges, 16 discrete and 8 analog alarms to monitor all your critical variables, and 24/7 pager or email alerts. The NetGuardian 216F also comes standard with 7x24 tech support and a 30 day risk free guarantee.

"All the alarm monitoring systems I make are backed by my no-risk, money-back guarantee. If you buy my equipment and you're not satisfied for any reason during the first 30 days, simply return it for a full refund. If my product doesn't solve your problem, I don't want you to have it."
- Bob Berry, CEO, DPS Telecom

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