Why Free Site Monitoring Software is an Expensive Mistake

If you're in need of software to monitor the equipment at all of your sites, your first instinct is likely to search for free site monitoring software. This is an unfortunately common practice. The dangers of free site monitoring software aren't very well known.

You have expensive and mission-critical gear located at your sites. Your network and your entire operation hinges on the successful operation of these critical pieces of equipment. You simply can't afford to monitor this gear with free software you download somewhere on the internet that's likely running on unstable, consumer-grade hardware.

site monitoring software to protect your network
Deploying powerful monitoring solutions at your remote sites can save you time, money, and downtime when you're faced with a network emergency.

Free site monitoring software just won't cut it
You get exactly what you pay for. In this case, when you choose to use free software you're not getting very much a system that is missing critical details, lacks key features, has a complicated interface, and no proven durability. Here's what you can expect when using free site monitoring software:

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Finding the right site monitoring software
Fortunately, getting the right monitoring software for your network doesn't have to be a hassle - and it doesn't have to send you over budget.

Picture how much easier your job would be if you could spend less time worrying about monitoring your critical equipment and more time on other projects. You and your team could see big gains in productivity by deploying the right monitoring solutions. Not to mention that by using a good monitoring system, your customers will be happy knowing that you're a proactive company that doesn't cut corners when it comes to providing them with reliable service.

In order to choose the right system, you first have to know what you're looking for. This will help you avoid costly mistakes and common pitfalls that doom many monitoring projects. I recommend downloading and reading the free DPS Telecom Network Alarm Monitoring Fundamentals White Paper. This free guide will teach you the basics of network site monitoring, like...

Network Alarm Monitoring Fundamentals White Paper
Download your free Network Alarm Monitoring Fundamentals White Paper!

With the right information at your disposal, you can choose the site monitoring software - without paying an arm and a leg.

To get started protecting your network, call (1-800-693-0351) or email (sales@dpstele.com) to receive a free expert consultation. The DPS Telecom experts can answer your questions, help you design a custom monitoring solution, or even provide you with a free ROI analysis.

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