Advantages of Monitoring Propane Tanks with the LPG Controller

Do you have multiple propane tanks as back-up power sources at your remote sites? If you do, you know how difficult it is to manage all the tanks, along with all your other mission-critical equipment. Monitoring your propane tank levels (and automatically managing them) is an essential step to ensure your sites are fully equipped in case of a commercial power failure. What good is a backup if it doesn't work?

Major Pitfalls of Inadequate/Nonexistent Propane Tank Monitoring & Control

Without monitoring & control, you can run into a lot of problems:

NetGuardian LPG Controller
In this diagram, the LPG Controller is wired to the generator. The Generator is in turn connected to the 5 valves (one for each propane tank). Through the web interface, you can control the valves on the generator. Also, you can get up-to-date status reports and have them sent to your SNMP Master.

Monitor and Control Your Propane the Right Way.

Propane tanks and fuel levels absolutely must be monitored, but just monitoring is not enough. Imagine a tool that could do the work of a tech without costly truck rolls. You need a unit that can remotely operate valves on propane tanks. Additionally, you need gear that is proactive, alerting you immediately when there is a problem. That way, if human intervention is needed, you can send a qualified and experienced tech to the site with the right equipment.

NetGuardian LPG Controller
The back panel of the NetGuardian LPG Controller by DPS Telecom

Propane sensor float demonstration:

The LPG Controller - Your Perfect-Fit Propane Solution.

The LPG Controller by DPS Telecom does just that. It gives you complete, remote control over your propane tanks and generator.

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