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The Tempdefender IT: Monitor Propane Tank Levels at Your Remote Sites

by Mac Smith

Equipment Used:

Video: TempDefender G2 Hardware

This proposal provides an excellent fit solution for monitoring your remote propane tank levels.

The TempDefender provides a reliable, industrial quality remote telemetry unit that supports SNMP TRAP notifications to your SNMPc system.

The TempDefender IT is a small device that keeps tabs on all the environmental levels and equipment alarms surrounding your servers, phone closets, data centers, and other equipment locations. It will be responsible for collecting critical status information and reporting it to your management platform(s). The TempDefender IT will report SNMP (v1 and v2c) to your SNMP Manager over LAN or DCPx over IP to the T/Mon.

With the built-in web interface, you can log on to the TempDefender IT from anywhere on the network to edit your threshold settings and view the current status of the room. This makes it possible to also monitor the TempDefender without an SNMP manager. You'll never have to wonder about the current room temperature. You'll be able to get all of this information quickly - right from your network PC.

The compact, 1 RU TempDefender IT has 8 discrete alarms on the back panel that are used to monitor dry contacts, such as motion sensors, UPS, smoke detectors, flood sensors, AC and room entry. With 4 digital sensor inputs (supporting up to 16 total sensors) on the back panel, you'll stay protected from these threats.

The TempDefender has an option to include 3 control relays.

TempDefender IT summary of benefits:

  • Small form-factor saves on valuable rack space
  • Plug 'n' Play design - Start monitoring in minutes
  • SNMP-compatible - Send traps to your SNMP manager
  • Receive 24/7 email notifications when environmentals cross your thresholds
  • Telco-grade casing for enhanced durability
  • 4 digital sensor inputs (each digital sensor port supports multiple "daisy-chained" sensors, with a max. of 16 sensors per unit)
  • Built-in web interface to monitor from any PC on the network
  • Monitor environmentals and security conditions in your server room or data center
  • Spring clamp connectors for easy alarm termination
  • FREE software updates on WEB - Easily access new functionality at no cost.
  • Single Feed Power

The TempDefender IT can be configured in two ways:

  • The TTY interface through the front craft port, or
  • Standard web browser software

Propane sensor float demonstration: